History of Meridia

Over 500 years ago there was a King who was also a tyrant. The Queen had passed away and the King had no heir to the throne. The King chose a new wife Meridia, the daughter of his most trusted commander, the Raven Knight. The Raven Knight was the best warrior the kingdom had ever seen and was beloved by his soldiers.

Meridia had 3 children, all girls. The King was furious that Meridia could not bear him a son and executed Meridia soon after the birth of her third child. Overcome with grief, the Raven Knight took his wife and grandchildren and fled the kingdom. The knight built himself a home at the base of the Ember Hills where the Pale River flowed. Some of his trusted lieutenants followed and built homes near him fearing the King would send soldiers to arrest or execute the Raven Knight.

The King sent over 200 soldiers to apprehend the Raven Knight but each time the soldiers either sided with their former commander or were defeated. Slowly the kingdom deteriorated as the King’s anger drove him to madness. Remnants of the King’s army slowly began to migrate and settle down near their former commander and a town grew around him. The Raven Knight realized that he had a responsibility to the men and women who were so loyal to him. He named their settlement Meridia after his daughter and swore to protect all of her citizens.

Since then, Meridia has always been led by a human man of arms. This man must be elected by the people and must be of pure heart. The leader of the town is known by the title “The Raven Knight, Lord and Protector of Meridia”. The council governing the city consists of seven members. The current Raven Knight Thomas Corvid, Jon Arrendell, three other humans to be determined, a High Elf from the Red Aspen Clan and Chief Gorlock from the Grim Steel Tribe.

When the Great Abandonment occurred. The night’s sky was covered in a aurora of greens, blues and purples. The stars were barely even visible. Magic ceased to function and communication with the gods was cut off. Panic and fear caused most of the damage as people began to blame one group or another for the cause. Wars broke out all over Lothian and smaller settlements were abandoned as the people fled to safer cities. Hobgoblin and Orc armies took advantage and attacked to settle ancient scores with the Humans and Elves. Rumors of the human capital of Akron being overthrown and the elven capital Syndal burned to the ground spread quickly.

Every culture has it’s own theories on what caused the great abandonment. The humans believed they were being punished by the gods, the elves believed that the event signified the end of their dominance and influence on the world. Many believe the dwarves knew that this would happen and refused to warn the other races. Philosophers believe that magic and the influence of deities had taken its toll and the world simply need to rest and heal.
Meridia being an independent settlement had always made its own preparations for being attacked and had plenty of food and weapons. Refugees poured into Meridia because it was far from the major trade routes and the city’s size doubled in the first few years. Luckily though the refugees brought weapons, armor, food and anything not nailed down from their homes.

The Raven Knight at that time realized he was overwhelmed and formed the council to help organize the city. New walls were put up. Organized work teams protected by guards were formed to grow new crops. The city has been sieged only a dozen times in the past 250 years but has never been taken.

Six months ago, during the winter festival lighting streaked and raced across the sky, this went on for hours and when it ended the strange colors in the sky faded and the stars once again shined bright. In the following days strange reports and rumors around town began. A soldier who could heal with a touch, the caretaker at the cemetery curing the sick and blind, a farmer who could levitate and summon lightning. Magic apparently was back in the world! The city organized tests that might identify who could use magic and debates began about what to do about it. Finally it was decided that the time had come to take back control of the surrounding area. A call went out for volunteers willing to explore, locate resources and possibly root out dangerous threats to the city.

History of Meridia

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